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What Digital First AI Is, What It Does, and Who It's For
What Digital First AI Is, What It Does, and Who It's For

Get an overview of Digital First AI. Use the tool to create and execute marketing strategies with AI.

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👋 Welcome to Digital First AI!

Feeling overwhelmed by the countless marketing strategies and tactics? We hear you! Gone are the days of endless research, planning headaches, and execution struggles.

Digital First AI is your personal marketing genius. One that's equipped with the most advanced AI tools to address each aspect of your marketing–from research, ideation, to planning and execution of your marketing campaigns.

Digital First AI Tool Overview

Overview: how it works

  • 🎯 You feed into the AI information about your business, like landing page URLs, PDFs, videos, and more. You're instantly presented with AI strategies and canvases, including in-depth persona and market analysis, precise audience targeting, optimized channel selection, lean canvas, and so much more.

  • 👨‍💻 Then, you see recommended step-by-steps tactics—think engaging social media campaigns for awareness, SEO-optimized content for consideration, targeted email marketing for conversion, and personalized loyalty rewards for retention. But it doesn't stop there.

  • 📝 You can bring these tactics to life with AI content generation, crafting everything from blog posts to ad copy and stunning visuals with ease.

  • 🙌 Research streamlined, tactics pinpointed, content crafted. Problem solved, business booming, and a high-five for you!

Ready to discover how Digital First AI’s tools can help keep your audience engaged, make your marketing campaigns hassle-free, and improve your conversion rates?

Let’s walk through the main features! 👇

Key features

  • AI Strategy: No more guesswork. Get detailed strategies that fit your business in minutes–not weeks. Includes target audience, marketing channels, content strategy, campaign execution, and much more.

Digital First AI Tool Overview

  • Canvases: Create AI-driven business and marketing canvases with hundreds of business parameters. Includes SWOT Analysis, GTM Strategy, Customer Personas, Revenue Models, and much more.

Digital First AI Tool Overview

  • Marketing Funnels: Create actionable funnels that guide your customers from awareness to conversion.

Digital First AI Tool Overview

  • Tactics: Access a growing collection of over 370 proven marketing tactics used by successful companies to attract and convert customers. Choose tactics based on difficulty, budget, outcome, and more. Perform tactics in a guided, step-by-step process. Create your own.

Digital First AI Tool Overview

  • AI Content Generator: Create landing page copy, social media posts, ad copy, product descriptions, and so much more, with ready-to-fill templates. Execute marketing tactics by getting the content you need.

Digital First AI Tool Overview

  • AI Graphics Creator: Generate AI designs for blog articles, social media, and more. Use advanced prompts and models like DALL·E 3 or Stable Diffusion. Enhance your visuals' appeal.

Digital First AI Tool Overview

  • Team Collaboration: Invite your team to collaborate on Digital First AI. Design tactics, manage flows, and transform strategies into action together.

Digital First AI Tool Overview

  • Growth Hacker Community: Connect with or become a part of our growth hacking community. Hire Growth Hackers to enhance your strategies or share your expertise with others.

Digital First AI Tool Overview

Wondering if Digital First AI is the right fit for you? We dare say "Yes", and here's why. 👇

Who it's for

Roll out the red carpet, because at Digital First AI, everyone's a VIP. ✌️

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer. A business owner seeking help with marketing. A freelancer with big plans. A startup aiming for the marketing stars. An agency or enterprise looking to upgrade your AI-powered arsenal - Digital First AI has your back!

In short, caters to businesses of all sizes and marketers with varying levels of expertise.

Where to start

Geared up to begin with Digital First AI? Let’s leap into action!

Don’t have an account yet? Sign up here to get started. Already a user? Log in here.

This article ▶️ outlines your first steps to take with Digital First AI.

💬 Let's AI-m for success together! Contact [email protected] or use the chat on the right.

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