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Generate All Types of Marketing Copy with 60 Templates (Complete Guide)
Generate All Types of Marketing Copy with 60 Templates (Complete Guide)

Explore how to generate ad copy, blog posts, social media content, and much more with customizable, ready-to-use templates.

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Need Facebook or Google ad copy that makes your educational app stand out? Consider it done! Dreaming up a blog post that shines a light on the latest wellness tips? Easy!

Need captivating product descriptions or a landing page for your latest real estate venture? You got this.

πŸ“š With Digital First AI's Content Generator, you can use 60 (and increasing) fill-in-the-blank templates and prompts to produce marketing content that not only attracts but also converts. No matter your industry! Let's dive right in.

How to use the Content Generator

Here’s how to efficiently craft your marketing content with the Content Generator:

  1. Go to Content Generator located on the left-hand side:

    Use the Content Generator in Digital First AI to create AI marketing copy

  2. Press the blue "Plus" button in the bottom-right corner:

    Use the Content Generator in Digital First AI to create AI marketing copy

  3. Choose from a wide range of templates depending on the type of marketing content you need, catering to everything from blog posts to ad copies and social media captions.

    Click on the template you need:

    Use the Content Generator in Digital First AI to create AI marketing copy

    ➑️ Check out the available templates to match your content creation goals. Your content, your rules!

  4. Fill in the necessary details for your chosen template. This might include your product or company name, a brief description, your preferred tone of voice, language, and more.

    The specifics will depend on the template you pick:

    Use the Content Generator in Digital First AI to create AI marketing copy

  5. Click "Generate text" to create your content ⬆️

  6. You'll be presented with five unique assets to choose from. Who's to say your marketing can't use a futuristic upgrade? 🦾

Available actions after generation

After generation, you have several options: edit the content, copy it for use, delete what you don’t need, or save it to the Asset Library for future use. Just hover over any piece of content:

Use the Content Generator in Digital First AI to create AI marketing copy

Feeling adventurous? Click "Generate text" again for a new set of unique assets! πŸ‘†

Available templates

No matter your industry, niche, or the type of content you're aiming to produce–the Content Generator in Digital First AI is your go-to tool. With over 60 fill-in-the-blank templates and counting, you're set up for success from the get-go!

πŸ’‘Let's dive into some standout templates, making your content creation not just easy but also pleasant:

  • 🎯 AIDA: Craft content that grabs attention, builds interest, and calls to action, from educational course promotions to fitness program launches.

  • 🏑 Landing Pages: Design pages that convert, whether you're selling educational tools, wellness products, or luxury real estate.

  • πŸ“ˆ LinkedIn Ad Descriptions: Craft ad descriptions that appeal to a professional audience, suitable for B2B software solutions, corporate training programs, or legal consultancy services.

  • πŸ“– Subject Lines: Grab attention with compelling email subject lines, whether for ecommerce product launches or construction updates.

  • 🌍 SEO Meta Description: Optimize web content for diverse ventures like boutique travel agencies, online art galleries, or renewable energy startups, enhancing online visibility.

  • πŸš€ Google Ads: Position ads to hit the sweet spot, whether for online coding bootcamps, handmade jewelry shops, or mobile health apps, maximizing reach.

  • πŸ“Š Blog Articles: Ignite discussion with topics that span from the future of renewable energy, breakthroughs in health tech, to insider tips for boutique hotel owners.

  • πŸ›οΈ Product Descriptions: Describe products in ways that resonate, from eco-friendly packaging solutions to interactive educational toys for kids, detailing benefits compellingly.

  • πŸ“š Listicle Ideas: Spark curiosity with listicles on topics like top ten ancient grains for modern diets, breakthroughs in electric vehicles, or essential apps for digital nomads.

  • πŸŽ‰ Instagram Captions: Craft captions that bring lifestyle brands, urban gardening, or adventure sports equipment to life, engaging with passionate communities.

All templates

But there's more. You can choose from 50+ more templates. All niches and industries are supported!

Discover the 60 diverse templates ready for use in the Content Generator, all listed below:

πŸ“’ Ads and marketing tools

β€’ AIDA

β€’ Facebook Ads

β€’ Google Ad Descriptions

β€’ Google Ads

β€’ LinkedIn Ad Descriptions

β€’ LinkedIn Ad Headlines

β€’ LinkedIn Ads

✍️ General writing

β€’ Summary

β€’ Company Bios

β€’ Company Mission

β€’ Company Vision

β€’ Conclusion Writer

β€’ Content Rephrase

β€’ Content to shorten

β€’ Definition

β€’ Paragraph Writer

β€’ Personal Bios

β€’ Question Generation

β€’ Sentence Expand

β€’ Short Press Releases

β€’ Story Generation

β€’ Subject Lines

β€’ Blog Intros

β€’ Blog Ideas

🧠 Ideas

β€’ Listicle Ideas

β€’ Bullet point Answers

β€’ Pros And Cons

πŸ›’ Ecommerce

β€’ Product Names

β€’ Amazon Ad Headlines

β€’ Amazon Product Descriptions

β€’ Amazon Product Features

β€’ Amazon Product Titles

β€’ Product Descriptions

🀳 Social media

β€’ LinkedIn Posts

β€’ YouTube Descriptions

β€’ YouTube Intros

β€’ Instagram Captions

β€’ TikTok Hooks

β€’ TikTok Scripts

β€’ Tweets

β€’ YouTube Ideas

β€’ YouTube Intros V2

β€’ YouTube Outlines

β€’ YouTube Titles

β€’ Quora Answers

πŸ–₯️ Website

β€’ Landing Page Headlines

β€’ Landing Pages

β€’ Call To Action

β€’ SEO Meta Description

β€’ SEO Meta Title

🎲 Other

β€’ Analogies

β€’ App Notifications

β€’ Keyword Extract

β€’ Lyrics Generator

β€’ Feature To Benefits

β€’ Active Voice

β€’ Pas

Handy to know

​Eager to boost your content creation process? You're in the right place! Keep these pointers in mind:

And there you have it. With the Content Generator at your disposal, you're all set to increase the quality and quantity of your marketing content in no time!


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